Customer service is now a business driver. No longer a post-purchase silo and a cost center, customer service is the bridge between brand promise and brand experience. It’s increasingly complex and expensive to meet fast-rising customer expectations for “always-on, always-me” experiences. Our accessible AI is artistically designed to increase the scope, volume and quality of customer service interactions while controlling costs.

We believe with a human and AI workforce, brilliant things happen. We deploy AI to automate routine actions with precision and speed, leaving your agents to focus on the things that require a uniquely human touch - creativity, empathy and subjectivity. We give you the power to seize opportunity before it knocks. Leverage our AI to proactively reach out to your customers to resolve issues your customers don’t yet know exist. This is where brand love is built.
Our board and investors
Henry Kravis
Co- founder
KKR & Co
Demis Hassabis
Co-founder & CEO
Google DeepMind
Greg Brockman
Co-Founder & CTO
Nikesh Arora
Dick Costolo
Former CEO
Paul Buchheit
Creator of
Mustafa Suleyman
Co- founder
Google DeepMind
Gokul Rajaram
Head of Product
Chris Wiggins
Columbia University

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61% of customers globally switched companies due to poor service in 2017. We’re fixing the problem.
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